Our mission is to provide

diapers, period products, and incontinence supplies

at no cost

to people in the ArkLaTex

who are experiencing

economic challenges.

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We deliver essential
non-food items to people in need

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We work to alleviate poverty

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We educate and advocate

around poverty-related issues

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Why does the ArkLaTex need a diaper & period supply bank?

The ArkLaTex region has a 25% poverty rate, ranking among the worst

in the United States.

We also have a 50%+ ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, or "working poor") rate according to the United Way of Northwest Louisiana.

Public assistance programs like SNAP, WIC, & Medicaid do not cover the cost of diapers and period products for families unless these items are part of a doctor-prescribed treatment plan for a medical condition.

Basic Necessities

collects & distributes

these important sanitary supplies to people in need throughout the ArkLaTex region.

Access to these free supplies helps alleviate poverty, and prevents unsanitary living conditions, unnecessary illness, & expensive medical bills for many of our neighbors.

Basic Necessities is the only designated,

nationally-recognized, certified diaper bank in the ArkLaTex,

and is a member of both the

National Diaper Bank Network and

the Alliance for Period Supplies.

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Host a Diaper and/or Period Supply Drive!
Hosting a diaper or period supply drive is a great way to help alleviate poverty for ArkLaTex families who can't afford these basic sanitary supplies.
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